New Publications April 2022

Looking for some reading? Here are some new publications from the Caucasus mountain research community for you to browse at your leisure. 

State Cultural Policies in Georgia’s Small Book Market. Case of the Translation Grant Programme “Georgian Literature in Translation” (2010–2018) 

The Internationalization of Georgian Literature: Georgia As the Guest of Honour At the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair 

Food Security and the Functioning of Wheat Markets in Eurasia: a Comparative Price Transmission Analysis for the Countries of Central Asia and the South Caucasus 

Consumption Behavior of the Internet Active Armenian Wine Consumer 

International Diversification of Agricultural Trade of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia 

The Competitive Landscape in Transitioning Countries –The Example of the Armenian Wine Industry 

Research Methodology for Determining the Economic Efficiency of Using Low-Intensity Irrigation Systems in Mountain Farming in Azerbaijan 

Study of Parameters and Reliability of the Minortress Irrigation System for Work in the Conditions of Mining Farming in Azerbaijan 

Problems of Soil Erosion Hazard of Southern Slopes of Azerbaijan and Ways of Its Solution 

Rehabilitation of Ecologically Polluted Areas in the Absheron Peninsula, Use of the Area Under Greenery 

Agro-Production Assessment of Land Cover in Beylagan Region on the Example of Birinci Shahsevan Village 

Importance of Application of Low-Intensity Irrigation Systems As a Protection Against Erosion in Irrigated Agricultural Lands in Azerbaijan in a Market Economy 

Spatial Analysis of Data on the Basis of the Digital Model of Relief and Locality (Example of Shemakha, Akhsu and Ismayilli Districts) 

Modern Vacation of Economic Development Indicators of Caspian Regions in Azerbaijan 

Prerequisites for the Moisture Supply of Agricultural Land to Achieve Ecological Pure Crops in Azerbaijan 

Prerequisites for Addressing the Development of Soil Erosion in Sloping Lands of Azerbaijan 

Scientific Rationale for the Use of Low-Intensity Sprinkling Systems in Mountain Irrigated Agriculture in Azerbaijan 

Studies of the Possibilities of Using Organic Waste to Increase Soil Productivity for Grain Crops in the Conditions of Sheki-Zagatala Zone of Azerbaijan 

Solution of a Complex of Problems of Operational Planning and Management in the Conditions of a Mining Landmark in Azerbaijan 

Application of Comprehensive Measures to Combat Erosion Using Irrigation for Market Economy in Azerbaijan