New Publications July 2021

New Publications July 2021
Welcome to our bi-weekly round-up of new publications! The online platform of SNC-mt is constantly updated with scientific publications, articles, chapters, books, relevant to the Caucasus region that you won’t want to miss this month. 
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U-PB LA-ICP-MS Dating of Zoned Zircons from the Greater Caucasus Pre-alpine Crystalline Basement: Evidence for Cadomian to Late Variscan Evolution 

Geotourism Potential of Georgia, the Caucasus 

Svaneti Gold Deposits (Kirar-Abakuri Ore Knot) and Their Genesis

Ore Mineralization of Active Paleomargins of Continents (on the Example of Alpine Metallic Deposits of Caucasus and Pontides) 

Validating Far-Field Deformation Styles from the Adjara-Trialeti Fold-and-thrust Belt to the Greater Caucasus (Georgia) Through Multi-Proxy Thermal Maturity Datasets

Ecotourism in the Chechen Republic: Resource Potential

Formation of Agro-Industrial Clusters in the North Caucasus 

Genetic Variability of Tea Plant on the Black Sea Coast of Caucasus 

Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic Responses of Caucasian Tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) Genotypes Under Cold and Frost Stress

Genetic Diversity and Phylogenetic Relationships Among Citrus Germplasm in the Western Caucasus Assessed With SSR and Organelle DNA Markers

Genetic Diversity in Diospyros Germplasm in the Western Caucasus Based on SSR and ISSR Polymorphism 

Oribatid (Acari: Oribatida) Diversity in Natural and Altered Open Arid Ecosystems of South-Eastern Caucasus 

Oribatid Mite Communities on Former Clay Quarries Under Different Reclamation Strategy 

The Place of Millet in Food Globalization During Late Prehistory As Evidenced By New Bioarchaeological Data from the Caucasus

Exploring Constraints to Russia’s Foreign Policy in the Baltics and the South Caucasus 

The Holocene Paleoenvironmental History of Western Caucasus (Russia) Reconstructed By Multi-Proxy Analysis of the Continuous Sediment Sequence from Lake Khuko 

Szonal Cr-spinels from Serpentinites in North-Western Part of the Greater Caucasus