Implementation Phase of the Project Strengthening Climate Adaptation Capacities in South Caucasus (SCAC)

On December 10 the new agreement was signed between the Sustainable Caucasus and Swiss Cooperation South Caucasus which marked the start of the implementation phase for the project Strengthening Climate Adaptation Capacities in South Caucasus (SCAC).

The project builds on the previous experience and activities of SNC-mt. SCAC has three declared outputs: (1) increased learning and teaching capacities in the region’s higher education institutions in the domain of disaster risk reduction; (2) improved global, regional and national knowledge exchange and multi-stakeholder dialogue on climate adaptation and sustainable mountain development; and (3) enhanced processes and tools for Caucasus data, information, and knowledge collection, analysis, and dissemination.

Each of the project activities and interventions are interlinked and will reinforce the implementation of the others. It is together that they ultimately contribute to reaching the project outcome and delivering outputs. The project will thus establish a consolidated instrument that drives gradual, yet sustained change in learning and teaching; regional, sub-regional, and global exchange of scale-relevant know-how and experience; and knowledge generation targeted at strengthening resilience to natural hazards under climate change in the Caucasus ecoregion.