New Publications 16-31 December 2023

Did you miss our December 2023 round-up of new publications on the SNC-mt website from across the Caucasus Mountain research community updated for you bi-monthly? Have a browse and enjoy your reading here.

Geoheritage Resource of Small Mud Lakes in the Semi-Arid Environments of the Russian South

Features of Granulometric and Material Composition of Road Dust, Bottom Sediments and Soils in the Rostov Region

Large-Scale Accessibility As a New Perspective for Geoheritage Assessment

Promoting Geosites on Web-Pages: An Assessment of the Quality and Quantity of Information in Real Cases

Sustainable Development and Ecotourism As the Main Mechanism of Biodiversity Protection

Ancient Deep Sea Bottom in Modern Mountains: New Aspects of Geoheritage from Guzeripl in Southwestern Russia

Tourism in the South Caucasus Region During the Post-Pandemic Period

Evolution of Old World Equus and Origin of the Zebra-Ass Clade

An Updated Review on Equus stenonis (Mammalia, Perissodactyla): New Implications for the European Early Pleistocene Equus Taxonomy and Paleoecology, and Remarks on the Old World Equus Evolution

Lost in the Collections. a Critical Re-Appraisal on Equus major Provides a New Perspective on the Paleobiogeography of the Plio-Pleistocene European Equids and on the Equus Datum

Target Deformation of the Equus stenonis Holotype Skull: a Virtual Reconstruction

The Last Plio-Pleistocene Hipparions of Western Eurasia. a Review With Remarks on Their Taxonomy, Paleobiogeography and Evolution

Evolution of Early Equus in Italy, Georgia, the Indian Subcontinent, East Africa, and the Origins of African Zebras

Equus suessenbornensis from Akhalkalaki (Georgia, Caucasus): a Review With New Insights on the Paleoecology, Paleobiogeography and Evolution of the Palearctic Large-sized Equids During the Early - Middle Pleistocene Transition

First Human Settlement of the Caucasus: Technical Behavior and Raw Material Acquisition At Dmanisi, Georgia (1.77 Ma)

Georgian Traditional Soft Cheese Screening on Existence of Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli and Coagulase-positive Staphylococci Strains in Tbilisi, Georgia

Is Antibiotic Resistance a Problem for the Dairy Industry in Georgia?

Technical Means of Small Mechanization +1

Simulative Modeling of the Soil Erosion Processes

Development of the Debris Flow Control Elastic Barrage Design Methodology

Private Solutions to Design An Innovative Engineering Structure for Efficient Debris Flow Control

An Innovative Construction for Regulating Snow Avalanches and Developing a Method for Its Design

The Assessment of the Debris Flow Influence on the Debris Flow Against Stepped Barrage Containing of Semi Cylinder Shape Elements

Assessment of Debris Flow Influence on the Lattice Type Debris Flow Against Construction

Evaluation of the Environmental Safety of Small Kazbegi HPP By Considering the Action of Devdorak Glacier Formed in the Bed of the River Kabakhi (Georgia)

The Evaluation of Debris Flows Influence on the Pass Through Type Debris Flow Against Construction

The Assessment of the Possibility Debris Flow Influence on the Pass Through Type Debris Flow Against Construction in the River Jokhtaniskhevis Basin

The Forecast of Stability of the Landslide Slope Existing in the River Gldaniskhevi Valley

List of Species of Pentatomids (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in the Hazelnut Orchards of Sakartvelo (Georgia) and Their Potential Parasitoids

Campylobacter coli and Campylobacter jejuniin Georgian Retail Chicken: Isolation, Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility

Study of Proteins With Protease Activity from Some Plants Growing in Georgia and Preparation of Highly Active Preparations

Third Contribution to the Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) Kintrishi Nature Reserve (Georgia, Sakartvelo) (Part III)

Computer Modeling and Forecast of Expected Debris Flow in the Mletiskhevi

Treatment of the Modern Management Mechanism of the Debris Flow Processes Expected in the Mletiskhevi

Improvement of Unique Economic Indicators in Georgian Breeds of Mulberry Silkworm