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Rémi Berthon Perle Guarino-Vignon

A bioarchaeological investigation of three late Chalcolithic pits at Ovçular Tepesi (Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan)
Toward a definition of the Kura-Araxes agropastoral systems
A ritual deposit of fox remains at Ovçular Tepesi (Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan) and its relation with the pastoral nature of Late Chalcolithic communities
On the Genesis of the Kura-Araxes Phenomenon: New Evidence from Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan)
Past, Current, and Future Contribution of Zooarchaeology to the Knowledge of the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cultures in South Caucasus
New light on the Late Prehistory of the South Caucasus Data from the recent excavation campaigns at Kültepe I in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan (2012-2018)
New Data and Perspectives on the Early Stages of the Neolithic in the Middle Kura River Valley (South Caucasus). the 2017–2019 Excavations At Kiçik Tepe, Western Azerbaijan
Extending the Scale of Obsidian Studies: Towards a High‐Resolution Investigation of Obsidian Prehistoric Circulation Patterns in the Southern Caucasus and North‐Western Iran
Genome-Wide Analysis of a Collective Grave from Mentesh Tepe Provides Insight Into the Population Structure of Early Neolithic Population in the South Caucasus