Middle to Late Holocene Lake Level Changes of Lake Sevan (Armenia) – Evidence from Macro and Micro Plant Remains of Tsovinar-1 Peat Section

Title of journal Quaternary International

Keywords Pollen NPP Carpoflora Aquatic plants Ceratophyllum

Year 2023

Volume 661

Pages 34-48

Website https://www.researchgate.net/publication/369657944_Middle_to_late_Holocene_lake_level_changes_of_Lake_Sevan_Armenia_-_Evidence_from_macro_and_micro_plant_remains_of_Tsovinar-1_peat_section

Author: Narine Hayrapetyan, Elen Hakobyan, Eliso Kvavadze, Edoardo Martinetto, Ivan Georg Gabrielyan, and other authors