Looking for the Tombs of Dragons: Preliminary Results of Archaeo-Geochemical Prospecting Studies At Tirinkatar - Karmir Sar Area, Southern Slopes of Mt Aragats, Armenia

Title of journal ARAMAZD Armenian Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Keywords Aragats Tirinkatar Karmir Sar Vishap Archaeo-geochemical prospecting Interdisciplinary studies Geochemical anomaly of phosphorus

Year 2020

Volume 14

Pages 27-52

Website https://www.researchgate.net/publication/369133509_'Looking_for_the_tombs_of_dragons'_preliminary_results_of_archaeo-geochemical_prospecting_studies_at_Tirinkatar_-_Karmir_Sar_area_southern_slopes_of_Mt_Aragats_Armenia

Author: Arshavir Hovhannisyan, Dmitri Arakelyan, Harald von der Osten, Pavol Hnila, Alessandra Gilibert, and other authors