Khazar University

Status: Private University

Phone (99 412) 421 10 93



Address 41 Mehseti Str., AZ1O96, Baku, Azerbaijan,

Contact Person Irada Khalilova (Rector), Mahammad Nuriyev (Vice Rector)



Rovshan Abbasov Farid Guliyev Mahammad Nuriyev

Assesment of Ecological Flow for Mountain Rivers of the Kura Basin
Indexing the environmental vulnerability of mountain streams in Azerbaijan
TEEB scoping study for forestry sector of Azerbaijan
Challenges and opportunities to urban water management in the greater Baku area, Azerbaijan
Identification of institutional capacity and needs for flood and water resources management in Azerbaijan
Introducing environmental thresholds into water withdrawal management of mountain streams in the Kura River basin, Azerbaijan
Analysis of non climatic origins of floods in the downstream part of the Kura River, Azerbaijan
Mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Analysis into Development of Gabala District, Azerbaijan
Introducing environmental schemes for the management of the urban lake watershed and sustainable use of ecosystem services in Greater Baku Area, Azerbaijan
Community-Based Disaster Risk Management in Azerbaijan
The Challenges of Electoral Competition in An Oil Rich State: Azerbaijani Pre-Election Report
Azerbaijani-Russian Relations: Transactional Diplomacy in Action
OSCE Mediation Strategies in Eastern Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh: a Comparative Analysis
Azerbaijan's Social Policy Response to Covid-19: Swift Response, Modest Benefits
The End of the "Nagorno-Karabakh" Region?
Why Are Azerbaijanis Fighting for Karabakh? The Trauma and Burden of the Forgotten Exodus
Divide and Co-Opt: Government-Opposition Relations in Azerbaijan in the Wake of COVID-19
Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Transition to Sultanistic Semiauthoritarianism? An Attempt At Conceptualization
Oil Wealth, Patrimonialism, and the Failure of Democracy in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan: Regime Origins and Consolidation
Oil and Political Stability in Azerbaijan: the Role of Policy Learning
Oil and Regime Stability in Azerbaijan
Different Meanings of the October 2013 Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan: Elites, Opposition, and Citizens
Why Oil Price Fall Is Bad News for Azerbaijan
The 2015 Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan: the Neglected Category of Independents
Azerbaijan: Low Oil Prices and Their Social Impact
The Informal Economy in Azerbaijan
Paradox of Plenty, Redux: Azerbaijan Grapples With Low Oil Prices
The Quality of Education in Azerbaijan: Problems and Prospects
Discursive Closure: Political Parties and the (ir) Relevance of Ideology in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan's Uneasy Transition to a Post-Oil Era: Domestic and International Constraints
Caspian Energy Producers in the ‘New Oil Order’: Neglected By the West, Looking East
Azerbaijan's Missed Opportunities
Selection of Renewables for Economic Regions With Diverse Conditions: the Case of Azerbaijan


Developing Fish Passages in Outlet Parts of Small Mountain Streams

Improving Habitat for Caspian Sturgeons

Saving Small Streams for Sturgeons


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BA)

Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy