History (Georgian, World)

Organization University of Georgia

Leader: Manana Sanadze & Tsira Chikvaidze

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia

URL https://online.ug.edu.ge/programs/programs_full.php?programID[]=6028&lang=eng



The purpose of the program is to train a highly qualified specialist in the sciences of history, to equip a student with a broad knowledge of history of Georgia and world history from ancient times to modern times, considering socio-political, economic, legal and cultural aspects; to develop the skills of applying relevant research methodology and methods; to mold a citizen with high social awareness and democratic values being ready to understand and respect different cultures; to shape a flexible individual with analytical, critical and communication skills requisite for a knowledge-based society. A bachelor of history will be able to pursue his/her studies at the second level - a master's degree and/or get employed in almost all fields related to service and communication: public service, local, regional administrations, international and non-governmental organizations relevant to the field, the Institute of History and Ethnology, archives, museums, tourism and general education (private and public schools), National Agency for Cultural Heritage Protection, National Center for Manuscripts.