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Jost Gippert Swetlana Peters Sepideh Maziar

Some Remarks on the Caucasian Albanian Palimpsests
Microbial Characteristics of Soils Depending on the Human Impact on Archaeological Sites in the Northern Caucasus
Communication Networks and Economical Interactions: Sourcing Obsidian in the Araxes River Basin
Exploring Beyond the River and Inside the Valleys: Settlement Development and Cultural Landscape of the Araxes River Basin Through Time
Geographical Proximity and Material Culture; the Interplay Between Syunik and the Southern Part of the Araxes River Basin in the 6th to the 3rd Millennium BC
Subsistence Economy in Kohneh Pasgah Tepesi (Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran) During the Late Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Age Based on the Faunal and Botanical Remains
Iran and the Kura-Araxes Cultural Tradition, So Near and Yet So Far
The End of the Kura-Araxes Culture As Seen from Nadir Tepesi in Iranian Azerbaijan
Settlement Dynamics of the Kura-Araxes Culture: An Overview of the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age in the Khoda Afarin Plain, North-western Iran
Excavations At Kohne Pasgah Tepesi, the Araxes Valley, Northwest Iran: First Preliminary Report