Early Complex Societies in Southern Caucasia: A Preliminary Report on the 2002 Investigations by Project ArAGATS on the Tsakahovit Plain, Republic of Armenia

Title of journal American Journal of Archaeology

Keywords Southern Caucasus Republic of Armenia Early Complex Societies Tsakahovit Plain

Year 2004

Volume 108

Pages 1-41

Website https://www.researchgate.net/publication/273972791_Early_Complex_Societies_in_Southern_Caucasia_A_Preliminary_Report_on_the_2002_Investigations_by_Project_ArAGATS_on_the_Tsakahovit_Plain_Republic_of_Armenia

Author: Adam Smith, Ruben Badalyan, Pavel Avetisyan, Mkrtich Zardaryan, Armine Hayrapetyan, and other authors