Conservation of an Endemic Darevskia dryada in Charnali Gorge Area

Organization Ilia State University

Director: David Tarkhnishvili

Country/countries of implementation: Georgia

Geographical coverage: local

Source: The Rufford Foundation

Start Date: 2018-04-01

End Date: 2019-04-30


Keywords Conservation Darevskia dryada Georgia


Charnali gorge area is home to Caucasus endemic and relict Charnali lizard – Darevskia dryada, which is currently categorized as critically endangered (CR) according to IUCN Red List.

The project purpose is to support the conservation of D. dryada and its habitat by promoting the species status in the local population and environmental agencies. We plan to achieve our goals by updating the information about populations’ size; defining suitable habitat for conservation prioritization of D. dryada in Charnali gorge area; identifying threats facing the species; increasing awareness in locals. We plan to develop scientifically informed recommendations for the species conservation.

Participants Natia Barateli Tamar Beridze Nikoloz Dvali ,