Caucasus University

Status: Private University

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Address Paata Saakadze street 1, 0102, Tbilisi, Georgia,

Contact Person Kakha Shengelia (President),



Edward Raupp

About Organization

The history of Caucasus University began in 1998 when Caucasus School of Business was established. Its motto is "Studium Pretium Libertatis". Caucasus University is an accredited higher education institution for students seeking a superior education. It curriculum is supported by participation in international programmes and by visiting professors. Engaging teaching methods are used, and these are buttressed with professional experience programs and exchange programmes for both students and scholars. Courses are delivered by internationally qualified lecturers which ensures the preparation of highly-qualified specialists in various spheres. CU consists of various schools: Business, Law, Media, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Governance, Tourism and Economics and HealthCare School. The university has the legal right to award standard and diplomacy specialist qualifications based on Georgian legislation: bachelors, masters and PhD degrees. There are also various certificate programs available at CU, including short study courses. Caucasus University has well-established relations with many of the top European, American and Asian universities. Students are thus afforded the opportunity to participate in two way exchange programs. Students from other countries also learn with CU as regular and exchange students.

Forecasting the Effect of Tourism on Foreign Exchange Reserves in the Caucasus Region


Business Administration in English

Joint Undergraduate Program in Business Administration With Rennes School of Business France


Journalism and Mass Communications