Baku Engineering University

Status: State University

Abbreviation: BEU

Phone +994 (12) 3499966-67



Address Hasan Aliyev str. 120, AZ0101, Baku, Azerbaijan,

Contact Person Havar Mammadov (Rector),



Nurtaj Vidadili Yashar Nasibov Shahriyar Mukhtarov Elchin Sultanov Etibar Gahramanov

Transition to renewable energy and sustainable energy development in Azerbaijan
The Impact of Carbon Pricing on International Competitiveness in the Case of Azerbaijan
The Relationship Between Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Azerbaijan
The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on National Income: Evidence from Azerbaijan
The Financial Development-Renewable Energy Consumption Nexus in the Case of Azerbaijan
The FDI-CO2 Nexus from the Sustainable Development Perspective: the Case of Azerbaijan
Do High Oil Prices Obstruct the Transition to Renewable Energy Consumption?
The Relationship Between Government Expenditures on Education and Economic Growth: the Case of Azerbaijan
The Effect of Oil Prices on Macroeconomic Variables: Evidence from Azerbaijan
The Impact of Oil Prices on Inflation: the Case of Azerbaijan
The Impact of Bank Credits on Non-Oil GDP: Evidence from Azerbaijan
The Effectiveness of Exchange Rate Channel in Azerbaijan: An Empirical Analysis
Factors That Increase Credit Risk of Azerbaijani Banks
The Impact of Financial Development on Energy Consumption: Evidence from An Oil-Rich Economy
Evaluation of Fiscal Policy Impact on Economic Growth: the Case of Azerbaijan
The Relationship Between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Evidence from Azerbaijan
An Ornithological Study of the Azerbaijan Caspian Coast, Islands and Regions of Oil Production
Status of the Lesser White-Fronted Geese (Anser erythropus) in Azerbaijan
Surveys in Caucasian Black Grouse Habitats in Azerbaijan
Recent Waterbird Counts in Gyzylagach, the Azerbaijan Republic's Most Important Ramsar Site, With Comments on Conservation
Distribution and Number of Herons (Ardeidae), White Stork Ciconia ciconia and Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus At Their Main Wintering Sites in the Azerbaijan Republic
The Caucasian Black Grouse in Azerbaijan
The Glossy Ibis Plegadis Falcinellus in Azerbaijan
Development of An IBA Caretaker Network in Priority Corridors in the Caucasus
Status of Birds in the Caucasus
Application of GIS in Solid Waste Management in Gara Garayev Avenue, Nizami District, Baku City, Azerbaijan


Conservation of White Headed Duck At Lake Hajigabul in Azerbaijan