Bachelors Degree Program in Ecology

Organization Ilia State University

Leader: David Tarkhnishvili

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia


Participants Natia Kopaliani Zura Javakhishvili Bella Japoshvili Levan Mumladze Alexander Gavashelishvili


The program aims to give students insights into the modern theory of ecology and its practical application, ecological problems and the bases of biology, the knowledge of which is a must for scientific perception of topical issues of ecology.

Teaching Methodology:

Lectures, discussions, group works, presentations, homework, independent works, group works, distance (electronic) learning, field practices, etc.

Employment Opportunities:

Public sector carrying out environmental protection activities, such as the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, wood, fish and hunting industry, different consulting companies specializing in environmental audit, natural resources application and management, geo information system related enterprises and companies, reserved territories, ecotourism, environmental protection non-governmental and international organizations, zoos, botanic gardens and museums, environmental protection projects and programs, field of education (in case of choosing the second program from the educational direction), individual environmental projects and programs.