Bachelor of Information Technology

Organization University of Georgia

Leader: John Dastouri, Bahman Moghimi

Teaching Language: English

Country: Georgia




Program goals:

The aim of the program is to prepare competent qualified specialists in modern computer and information technology. To give the graduate the knowledge of the relevant theories of computer and information technologies and to develop practical skills, develop a lifelong learning and continuous professional development skills and be able to achieve the best of modern computer technologies, education, science and business administration. Introduce best practices and preliminary ideas; Knowledge of the basics of higher mathematics and physics, modern programming languages, operating systems, computer architecture, computer network, database, web technologies, geoinformation systems, information technology projects management, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity grounds. To develop the practical skills necessary for a modern computer and IT specialist. After completion of the program, graduates will be able to work in private and state organizations as computer processing and software specialists, web designers, computer network specialists, cybersecurity specialists, mobile application and/or game developers. Integrated International Certificate Courses in the program, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle Academic Training Courses, will give students an opportunity to obtain international certificates