On Some Medicinal Plants of Chenopodiaceae Family in the Floras of Armenia and Uzbekistan

Keywords: Chenopodiaceae medicinal plants flora Armenia Uzbekistan
Title of journal: National Academy of Sciences of RA, Electronic Journal of NATURAL SCIENCES
Year: 2020 Volume: 1 (34) Pages: 12-17

Author: Janna Akopian, Anahit Ghukasyan, Habibullo Shomurodov, Bekhzod Adilov,

Notes on the narrow endemic of Armenia, Pyrus browiczii Mulk. (Rosaceae)

Keywords: Armenian flora description Pyrus section Pashia Pyrus browiczii taxonomy
Title of journal: Turczaninowia
Year: 2020 Volume: 23 Pages: 99-105

Author: Janna Akopian, Anahit Ghukasyan, M.E. Oganesian,

Reports on establishing an ex situ site for ‘beautiful’ vavilovia (Vavilovia formosa) in Armenia

Keywords: Armenia Beautiful’ vavilovia Ex situ conservation Genetic resources In situ conservation Vavilovia formosa
Title of journal: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Year: 2010 Volume: 57 Pages: 1127-1134

Author: Janna Akopian, Nune Sarukhanyan, Ivan Gabrielyan, Armen Vanyan, Aleksandar Mikić, Other autors

Provenance of clay minerals in the sediments from the Pliocene Productive Series, western South Caspian Basin

Keywords: Clay minerals Provenance South Caspian sea
Title of journal: Marine and Petroleum Geology
Year: 2016 Volume: 73 Pages: 517-527

Author: Elshan Abdullayev, Suzanne Leroy,