Stratigraphy of the Cenozoic Succession in Eastern Azerbaijan: Implications for Petroleum Systems and Paleogeography in the Caspian Basin

Keywords: Source rocks Eastern Paratethys South Caspian basin Koun formation Maikop group Diatom formation Organic matter Rock-Eval
Title of journal: Marine and Petroleum Geology
Year: 2023 Volume: 150 Pages: 1-25

Author: Vusala Aghayeva, Reinhard Sachsenhofer, Christiaan G.C. Van Baak, Sh. Bayramova, Stjepan Coric, Other autors

Fish Fauna of Çoruh River and Two First Record for Turkey

Keywords: Taxonomy Fish fauna First record Inland water fish systematic Çoruh River
Title of journal: Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Year: 2015 Volume: 15 Pages: 783-794

Author: Esra Baycelebi, Davut Turan, Bella Japoshvili,

The Current Fish Fauna of the Hopa Stream

Keywords: Fish fauna Hopa Stream Systematics Freshwater fish
Title of journal: Journal of Anatolian Environmental and Animal Sciences
Year: 2020 Volume: 5 Pages: 378-381

Author: Davut Turan, Bülent Verep,