A Comparison of Institutional Quality in the South Caucasus: Focus on Azerbaijan

Keywords: South Caucasus Azerbaijan economy Oil boom Institutional quality Correlation analysis
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Economic Growth of the Republic of Armenia Versus Caucasus Region During the Period 2017–2019: a Case Study

Keywords: Economic growth Armenia Caucasus region
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Assessing the Climate Change Effects on the Distribution Pattern of the Azerbaijan Mountain Newt (Neurergus crocatus)

Keywords: Climate change Mountain habitats Protected areas Amphibians Habitat fragmentation
Title of journal: Ecological Complexity
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Emergence and Intensification of Dairying in the Caucasus and Eurasian Steppes

Keywords: Pontic-Caspian steppe zone Caucasus Sheep Bronze Age
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Author: Ashley Scott, Sabine Reinhold, Taylor Hermes, Alexey Kalmykov, Andrey Belinskiy, Other autors