szonal Cr-spinels from Serpentinites in North Western Part of the Greater Caucasus

Keywords: Serpentinites Geodynamic condition Greater Caucasus
Title of journal: International science and technology conference "Earth science"
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Dynamics of the Number of Aphids - Vectors of Viruses in the Vertical Zoning of the North Caucasus

Keywords: Aphids Viruses Potatoes North Caucasus
Title of journal: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
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Limiting Factors Affecting Reproductive and Demographic Indicators of Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus)

Keywords: Azerbaijan black vulture limiting factors food breeding size
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The Contribution of Avian Scavengers to Sanitation in Azerbaijan Territory

Keywords: Corpse Diseases Necrophage birds Sanitary
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Author: Tahir Karimov,

Roles of Necrophage Predator Birds in Natural and Antropogenic Ecosystems

Keywords: animals losses necrophage birds corpses epizooty
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Author: Tahir Karimov,