Mid- to Late Holocene landscape changes in the Rioni delta area (Kolkheti lowlands, W Georgia)

Keywords: Holocene landscape changes Rioni river Kolkheti lowlands Georgia
Title of journal: Quaternary International
Year: 2018 Volume: 465 Pages: 85-98

Author: Hannes Laermanns,Daniel Kelterbaum,Simon Matthias May,Mikheil Elashvili,Stephan Opitz, Other autors

Geochemical Evidence for the Control of Fire by Middle Palaeolithic Hominins

Keywords: Geochemical evidence Fire Middle Palaeolithic Hominins Armenia
Title of journal: Scientific Reports
Year: 2019 Volume: 9

Author: Alex Brittingham,Michael Hren,Gideon Hartman,Carolina Mallol,Boris Gasparyan, Other autors

Microbial alteration of the hydrogen and carbon isotopic composition of n-alkanes in sediments

Keywords: hydrogen carbon isotopic composition sediments Armenia
Title of journal: Organic Geochemistry
Year: 2017 Volume: 107 Pages: 1-8

Author: Alex Brittingham,Michael Hren,Gideon Hartman,

Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on δD and δ18O in meteoric water in the Armenian Highland

Keywords: Precipitation Storm tracks Armenia North Atlantic Oscillation
Title of journal: Journal of Hydrology
Year: 2019 Volume: 575 Pages: 513-522

Author: Alex Brittingham,Zarmandukht Petrosyan,Joseph C. Hepburn,Michael Richards,Michael Hren, Other autors