Genetic Structure of the Herd By Genes Gdf9, Gh, Cast in Merino Sheep of the North Caucasus Region of Russia

Keywords: Genetic structure genes sheep North Caucasus
Title of journal: IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Year: 2021 Volume: 677 Pages: 1-5

Author: Nadezhda Shirokova, A. Yu. Kolosov, Yu. A. Kolosov, L. V. Getmantseva, N. F. Bakoev, Other autors

Features of the Karyotype of North Caucasus Ayrshire Dairy Cattle Population: Defects in Reproductive Functions

Keywords: chromosome karyotype mutation Ayrshire cattle
Title of journal: Proceedings of the 8th International Scientific Conference Rural Development
Year: 2017 Pages: 162-166

Author: Vladimir Trukhachev, Sergey Oleynik, Nikolay Zlydnev,