Two New Records and List of Tenuipalpid Mites (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) for Georgian Fauna

Keywords: Acari Tenuipalpidae Pentamerismus Georgia New record
Title of journal: Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology
Year: 2015 Volume: 24 Pages: 33-45

Author: Tea Arabuli,

Floristic Composition of Spiraea hypericifolia (Rosaceae) Shrubberies of Georgia (Caucasus)

Keywords: Systematic structure Chorotypes Life forms Florogenetic connections
Title of journal: Flora Mediterranea
Year: 2023 Volume: 33 Pages: 131-156

Author: Nikoloz Lachashvili, Konstantine Kereselidze, N. Eradze, L. Khetsuriani,

The Probability of Cultivation of Citrus Crops on the Territory of the Black Sea Coast of the Caucasus

Keywords: Cultivation Citrus crops Black Sea coast Caucasus
Title of journal: BIO Web of Conferences
Year: 2023 Volume: 66 Pages: 1-7

Author: Sergey Avdeev, Alexander Belolubtsev,