The Ebb and Flow of Copper and Iron Smelting in the South Caucasus

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Investigating the spatial organisation of Bronze and Iron Age fortress complexes in the South Caucasus

Keywords: South Caucasus Late Bronze Age Iron Age UAV magnetometry
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The metal behind the myths: iron metallurgy in the south-eastern Black Sea region

Keywords: Black Sea Chalybes Colchis metallurgy iron smelting slags SEM-EDS
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Author: Nathaniel L. Erb-Satullo,Brian J.J. Gilmour,Nana Khakhutaishvili,

Direct evidence for the co-manufacturing of early iron and copper-alloy artifacts in the Caucasus

Keywords: Slag Smithing Metallurgy Innovation Adoption Technology Georgia
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Ecophysiological Features of Toxigenic Fungi Prevalent in Different Biotopes of Azerbaijan

Keywords: microbiota phytotoxigenic species temperature soil moisture acidity light
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