Palaeoenvironmental and Chronological Context of Hominin Occupations of the Armenian Highlands During Mis 3: Evidence from Ararat-1 Cave

Keywords: MIS 3 Geoarchaeology Geochronology Faunal analysis Armenia
Title of journal: Quaternary Science Advances
Year: 2024 Volume: 13 Pages: 1-19

Author: Jennifer Sherriff, Artur Petrosyan, Dominik Rogall, David Nora, Ellery Frahm, Other autors

New Insights in Metallurgical Manufacturing in the Caucasian Area: the Case Study of Artefacts from the Samshvilde Citadel Ruins (South Georgia)

Keywords: Characterisation Coins Copper Cuprite Degradation products Metals Samshvilde
Title of journal: Minerals
Year: 2024 Volume: 14 Pages: 1-12

Author: Natalia Rovella, Maria Pia Albanese, Maria Francesca Alberghina, Salvatore Schiavone, Michela Ricca, Other autors

Origin of Iron-Rich Minerals, Ooids and Pisoids in the Jurassic Ooidal Ironstones of the Labino-Malkin Region (Caucasus)

Keywords: Ooidal ironstones Mineral formation Ooids Pisoids Mineral chemistry
Title of journal: Journal of Palaeogeography
Year: 2024 Pages: 1-33

Author: Natalia Kalinina, Maxim Rudmin, Mikhail Sherstyukov, Prokopiy Maximov, Abdul-Gapur Kerimov,

The Re-Radicalization of Baku Provincial Workers in 1916

Keywords: Workers Radicalization Baku Azerbaijan
Title of journal: Revolutionary Russia
Year: 2023 Volume: 36 Pages: 56-75

Author: Soli Shahvar, Anatoly Mishaev,

Pathology and Clinics of Naturally Occurring Low-Virulence Variants of African Swine Fever Emerged in Domestic Pigs in the South Caucasus

Keywords: African swine fever virus Chronization Immunopathology Histopathology Clinics
Title of journal: Pathogens
Year: 2024 Volume: 13 Pages: 1-17

Author: Hranush Avagyan, Sona Hakobyan, Bagrat Baghdasaryan, Hranush Arzumanyan, Arpine Poghosyan, Other autors