Study of Morphological Characteristics of Several Valuable Armenian Varieties of Tomato

Keywords: Morphological characteristics Tomato Ararat plain Armenia
Title of journal: E3S Web of Conferences
Year: 2024 Volume: 494 Pages: 1-6

Author: V. A. Vardanyan, G. V. Kirakosyan, R. K. Simonyan, K. M. Sarikyan,

New Palynological Data from the Middle Eocene Deposits of the Kheu Reference Section (Kabardino-Balkaria, North Caucasus)

Keywords: Biostratigraphy Dinocysts Palynomorphs Nannoplankton Eocene North Caucasus Peri-Tethys
Title of journal: Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation
Year: 2020 Volume: 28 Pages: 97-116

Author: Alina Iakovleva, Dennis Waga, Aida Andreyeva-Grigorovich, Eleonora Radionova,

Harnessing Biogenic Nanoparticles for Salinity-Resilient Cultivation in the Ararat Plain Region of Armenia

Keywords: Agricultural productivity Nanoparticles Cultivation Ararat plain Armenia
Title of journal: The Agriculture Magazine
Year: 2023 Volume: 2 Pages: 468-473

Author: Abhishek Singh, Karen Ghazaryan, Gohar Margaryan, Anna Harutyunyan, Hrant Khachatryan, Other autors

Advancing Agricultural Resilience in Ararat Plain, Armenia: Utilizing Biogenic Nanoparticles and Biochar Under Saline Environments to Optimize Food Security and Foster European Trade

Keywords: Salinity stress Bio-nanoparticles Biochar Ararat Plain Soil Crops Dry area
Title of journal: Egyptian Journal of Soil Science
Year: 2024 Volume: 64 Pages: 459-483

Author: Abhishek Singh, Gohar Margaryan, Anna Harutyunyan, Hasmik Movsesyan, Hrant Khachatryan, Other autors

Palaeoenvironmental and Chronological Context of Hominin Occupations of the Armenian Highlands During Mis 3: Evidence from Ararat-1 Cave

Keywords: MIS 3 Geoarchaeology Geochronology Faunal analysis Armenia
Title of journal: Quaternary Science Advances
Year: 2024 Volume: 13 Pages: 1-19

Author: Jennifer Sherriff, Artur Petrosyan, Dominik Rogall, David Nora, Ellery Frahm, Other autors