Environmental Value, Landscape and Biological Diversity of the Lori Plateau Lakes and Watershed (Lori Region, Republic of Armenia)

Organization Saint Petersburg State University

Director: Dmitrii Sadokov

Country/countries of implementation: Armenia

Geographical coverage: Provincial

Source: The Rufford Foundation

Start Date: 2020-05-29

End Date: 2022-02-03

Website https://www.rufford.org/projects/dmitrii-sadokov/environmental-value-landscape-and-biological-diversity-of-the-lori-plateau-lakes-and-watershed-lori-region-republic-of-armenia/

Keywords Landscape Biological Diversity Lori Plateau Lakes Armenia


Project includes obtaining and updating data about fragile ecosystems of the Lori lakes system (northern Armenia) and justification of its conservation importance. Lori lakes are included into Emerald Network (Bern Convention on the Conservation of the European Wildlife and Natural Habitats) as an Area of Special Conservation Interest.

Participants Dmitrii Sadokov ,