High-throughput sequencing of the mitochondrial genomes from archived fish scales: an example of the endangered putative species flock of Sevan trout Salmo ischchan

Title of journal Hydrobiologia

Keywords Historical DNA samples Salmonidae Species complex Genomics Mitogenome Phylogeny

Year 2018

Volume 822

Website https://www.researchgate.net/publication/326132602_High-throughput_sequencing_of_the_mitochondrial_genomes_from_archived_fish_scales_an_example_of_the_endangered_putative_species_flock_of_Sevan_trout_Salmo_ischchan

Author: Boris Levin Evgeniy Simonov, Sergey M Rastorguev, Eugenia Boulygina, Fedor Sharko, and other authors