William Anderson

William Anderson

Keywords : Landscape Archaeology Archaeological Theory Research interests Material culture studies Political and ethical issues in archaeology Critical approaches to archaeological methods History of museums and collecting

Country : Australia

Organization : Federation University Australia

Department : Faculty of Education and Arts

Academia edu : http://independent.academia.edu/WilliamAnderson1

Biography :

Federation University Australia

Position: Honorary Research Fellow 
Study area: Collaborative Research Centre in Australian History (CRCAH) 
Location: SMB Campus E building 
Email: w.anderson@federation.edu.au


Doctor of Philosophy – University of Melbourne – 2011
Master of Arts – Leiden University – 2004
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – University of East Anglia – 2001


Will is a professional archaeologist who works as Project Manager with Dr Vincent Clark & Associates, a Melbourne-based cultural heritage consultancy. In his role as cultural heritage advisor he has managed more than thirty Aboriginal cultural heritage management plans, excavation and survey projects in Victoria. He has worked with international research projects in Europe and the Near East, directing field surveys and artefact analyses, and has published widely on landscape archaeology and material culture. Currently he is co-director of the Landscape Archaeology in Georgia Project for which he was awarded a National Geographic-Waitt Grant in 2015. He has worked as a lecturer, tutor and research assistant at the University of Melbourne, where he is an honorary research fellow, and has been Convenor of the Archaeology Reading Group since 2008.

Areas of expertise

Will's research focuses on landscape archaeology, material culture studies, and archaeological method and theory. His published research has addressed the archaeology of Byzantine Anatolia, the material culture of medieval pilgrimage and theoretical approaches to material culture. He has also published research on Australian Aboriginal archaeology, the uses of archaeology in colonial contexts and the history of collecting. He has a strong interest in practical archaeology, especially ground survey techniques and artefact analysis and interpretation, and has combined these methodological and theoretical aspects to develop critical approaches to social and political influences on archaeological practice.



Book chapters

Anderson, W. 2014: 'From manufactured goods to significant possessions: theorising pottery consumption in late antique Anatolia', in A. Bokern and C. Rowan (eds), Embodying Value? The Transformation of Objects in and from the Ancient World, 131-44. BAR Int. Series 2592. Archaeopress: Oxford.

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Anderson, W., D. Krsmanovic and M. Negus Cleary 2012: 'Ground survey in Pessinus and surroundings', in G. R. Tsetskhladze (ed.), The Black Sea, Paphlagonia, Pontus and Phrygia in Antiquity: Aspects of Archaeology and Ancient History, 307-313. BAR Int. Series 2432. Archaeopress: Oxford.

Refereed journal articles

Anderson, W., J. Birkett-Rees, M. Negus Cleary, D. Krsmanovic and N. Tskvinidze 2014: 'Archaeological survey in the South Caucasus (Samtskhe-Javakheti, Georgia): approaches, methods and first results', Anatolia Antiqua 22, 11-33.

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Consultancy reports

Anderson, W. 2015: Hanging Rock East Grounds: Archaeological Excavations at VAHR 7823-0311. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W. 2015: Ballarat North Wastewater Treatment Plant Pipeline to Ballarat Grammar School Farm, Mount Rowan. Cultural Heritage Management Plan 13368. Report prepared for Central Highlands Water by Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W. and R. Minos 2014: Hanging Rock Essential Infrastructure Development, South Rock Road, Woodend. Cultural Heritage Management Plan 12871. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Watson, B. and W. Anderson 2014: NP13 MBN21 Uprate, Lake Cullulleraine. Cultural Heritage Management Plan 12615. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W., J. Scibilia, K. Oataway, H. Kiddell and P. Kucera 2013: Harp of Erin Hotel, Burrumbeet. VHI H7623-0324. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W. and M. Filihia 2013: Trawalla: Archaeological Excavations beside Mount Emu Creek, Western District of Victoria. Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register numbers 7523-0252, 7523-0254 and 7523-0260. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W. 2012: Mount Alexander Aboriginal Sites Survey. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W. 2011: Burrumbeet to Beaufort. Historical Archaeology Investigation along the Western Highway. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W., H. Kiddell and B. Watson 2011: Western Highway Project: Burrumbeet to Beaufort duplication. Cultural Heritage Management Plan 11481. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W. and V. Clark 2009: VAHR Site 7822-1447. Excavations at a Stone-Working Site near Melrose Drive, Tullamarine. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Anderson, W., H. Kiddell and V. Clark 2009: Bunganail Road Site, Wahring (VHI H7924-0079): Archaeological investigations of a 19th-century homestead near Nagambie, Central Victoria and Wahring Post Office (VHI H7924-0082): Archaeological investigations of a 19th-century farmstead near Nagambie, Central Victoria. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.