Vladimir Mikhalenko

Vladimir Mikhalenko

Keywords : Earth and Planetary Sciences Environmental Science Social Sciences Multidisciplinary

Country : Russia

Organization : Russian Academy of Sciences

Department : Institute of Geography

Email : vladimir@mikhalenko.ru

ResearchGate profile : https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vladimir_Mikhalenko

Biography :


1981    M.S. Moscow State University, Geographical Faculty, Department of Glaciology and Cryolithogy

Title of dissertation: Distribution of snow cover in Khibiny Mountains (Russian Subarctic) and its influence for river runoff

1990    Ph.D. in geography. Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

Title of dissertation: The using of base glacier for mass balance studies of glacier systems

2004    Dr. of Sciences in glaciology and geocryology. Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

Title of dissertation: Interior composition of high-mountain glaciers

Selected Publications

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Mikhalenko V.N., Solomina O.N., 1996. Long-term variations of mountain glaciers in the former USSR (FSU). Part 1. Mass balance reconstructions. – Zietschrift fur Gletcherkunde und Glazialgeologie, vol. 32, pp. 159-166

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