Koba Turmanidze

Koba Turmanidze

Keywords : Social capital local democracy participatory governance intergovernmental relations federalism/regionalism policy networks and social network analysis

Country : Georgia

Organization : The Caucasus Research Resource Centers

Department :

Academia edu : http://crrc.academia.edu/KobaTurmanidze

Biography :

Koba Turmanidze is a recipient of Edmund S. Muskie/Freedom Support Act scholarship to undertake graduate study in the United States. Currently he is a graduate student at School of Public Affairs, American University, Washington, DC.

Koba Turmanidze taught the Foundations of Local Governance course in the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, School of Public Administration, Tbilisi, Georgia. He worked as team leader of the British government funded Georgia Governance and Civil Society Project (GOCISP), Tbilisi, Georgia. He is co-author of Local Economy and Public Policy-making, a handbook for Local government officials.

Koba Turmanidze holds master's degrees in political science from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and in history from Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia. He was an International Policy Fellow at Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary