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Ellery Frahm Sharon Chekijian

Ptghni: A new obsidian source in the Hrazdan River basin, Armenia
Seen through a glass darkly: Reexamining connections between Mesopotamia and the Caucasus
Caucasus Connections? New Data and Interpretations for Armenian Obsidian in Northern Mesopotamia
Upper Palaeolithic Settlement and Mobility in the Armenian Highlands: Agent-Based Modeling, Obsidian Sourcing, and Lithic Analysis at Aghitu-3 Cave
Lithic raw material units based on magnetic properties: A blind test with Armenian obsidian and application to the Middle Palaeolithic site of Lusakert Cave 1
Middle Palaeolithic toolstone procurement behaviors at Lusakert Cave 1, Hrazdan valley, Armenia
Characterizing obsidian sources with portable XRF: accuracy, reproducibility, and field relationships in a case study from Armenia
Sourcing Geochemically Identical Obsidian: Multiscalar Magnetic Variations in the Gutansar Volcanic Complex and Implications for Palaeolithic Research in Armenia
Ten Seconds in the Field: Rapid Armenian Obsidian Sourcing with Portable XRF to Inform Excavations and Surveys
Comparing Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Lithic Procurement Behaviors Within the Hrazdan Basin of Central Armenia
Evidence for Middle Palaeolithic Occupation and Landscape Change in Central Armenia At the Open-Air Site of Alapars-1
Geochemical Changes in Obsidian Outcrops With Elevation At Hatis Volcano (Armenia) and Corresponding Lower Palaeolithic Artifacts from Nor Geghi 1
The Obsidian Sources of Eastern Turkey and the Caucasus: Geochemistry, Geology, and Geochronology
Obsidian Exchange Networks and Highland-Lowland Interaction in the Lesser Caucasus Borderlands
Yeghegis-1 Rockshelter Site: New Investigations Into the Late Chalcolithic of Armenia
Healthcare in Transition in the Republic of Armenia: the Evolution of Emergency Medical Systems and Directions Forward
Emergency Systems in the Republic of Armenia: Country in Crisis or Land of Opportunity
Violation of the Global Ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabagh: A Viral Amplification of Aggression
Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development in the Republic of Armenia: The Evolution of Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks Post Transition
A Post-Soviet Republic in Transition: a Novel Amplification Programme to Address the Crisis of Continuing Medical Education and Challenges Facing Regional Physicians in the Republic of Armenia
Legal, Professional, Public and Policy Barriers to the Development of Organ Donation and Transplantation Programs in the Republic of Armenia
Practices, Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Road Safety in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Healthcare in Transition in the Republic of Armenia: a Longitudinal Mixed-Method Study of Emergency Medical Systems