National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia

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Abbreviation: NAS RA

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Address 24, Marshall Baghramian Avenue0019 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia Yerevan Armenia

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Department Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies Institute of Geological Sciences Institute of Botany Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Institute of Molecular Biology Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology


Marine Nalbandyan Bagrat Mezhunts Marieta Avetisyan Armen Saghatelyan George Fayvush Pavel Avetisyan Ara Avagyan Marine Navasardyan Arkady Karakhanian Lilit Sahakyan Roman Hovsepyan Robert Ghukasyan Garik Tepanosyan Arshavir Avagyan M. A. Satian Ashot Harutyunyan Nona Shahnazarian Tigran Tadevosyan Karapet Mouradian Ruben Badalyan Anahit Hovhannisyan Gevorg Tepanosyan Nairuhi Maghakyan Shushanik Asmaryan Azatuhi Hovsepyan Davit Pipoyan Moushegh Badalyan Gor Gevorgyan Armine Mamyan Hripsime Gevorgyan Khachatur Meliksetian Mariya Antonosyan Janna Akopian

Management and perspectives of using of underground freshwaters from transboundary aquifers in Armenia

Influence of some landscape factors on the belowground plant biomass distribution in mountain ecosystems of Armenia
Peculiarities of Migration of Some Biogenic Elements in System Soil-Infiltration Waters in the Aragats Mountain Massif (Armenia)
Ecological and geochemical analysis of risks of the impact of mining production upon sustainable development of Armenia
“Biodiversity Hotspots” in Armenia
Neogene to Quaternary stress field evolution in Lesser Caucasus and adjacent regions using fault kinematics analysis and volcanic cluster data
The productivity and chemical composition of wild growing sainfoin (Onobrychis Mill.) in mountain steppe of Armenia
Historical volcanoes of Armenia and adjacent areas: What is revisited?
Geochemistry of the Eocene magmatic rocks from the Lesser Caucasus area (Armenia): evidence of a subduction geodynamic environment
Food as a marker for economy and part of identity: traditional vegetal food of Yezidis and Kurds in Armenia
Kalavan-2 (North of Lake Sevan, Armenia): a new Late Middle Palaeolithic site in the Lesser Caucasus
Mapping man-induced soil degradation in Armenia's high mountain pastures through remote sensing methods: A case study
Toward a disaster risk assessment and mapping in the virtual geographic environment of Armenia
Composition of tuffs from lamprophyre diatremes of the Vedi Rift, Armenia
Patrilocality and recent migrations have little impact on shaping patterns of genetic structure of the armenian population
Emotions, loss and change: Armenian women and post-socialist transformations in Nagorny Karabakh
The Role of Vegetation in microhabitat selection of syntopic lizards: Phrynocephalus persicus, Eremias pleskei and Eremias strauchi from Armenia
Recent Problems of Developing a National Program on the Use Raw Mineral Resources and Environmental Safety Protection in the Republic of Armenia
New data on the periodization and chronology of the Kura-Araxes culture in Armenia
Armenian national grapevine collection: Conservation, characterization and prospects
Assessment of pollution levels and human health risk of heavy metals in dust deposited on Yerevan’s tree leaves (Armenia)
Heavy metals pollution levels and children health risk assessment of Yerevan kindergartens soils
Leading the way toward an environmental National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Armenia
Lake Sevan Shoreline Change Assessment Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Images
Carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic risk assessment of trace elements and POPs in honey from Shirak and Syunik regions of Armenia
Geothermal features of Armenia: a country update
Agricultural risk assessment of the heavy metal and mineral salt pollution of river ecosystems in the Voghji river catchment area, Armenia
Investigation of phytoplankton community in the Hrazdan River and “Yerevanyan Lich” Reservoir in the conditions of algal bloom
Quaternary ring plain- and valley-confined pyroclastic deposits of Aragats stratovolcano (Lesser Caucasus): Lithofacies, geochronology and eruption history
Quaternary ring plain- and valley-confined pyroclastic deposits of Aragats stratovolcano (Lesser Caucasus): Lithofacies, geochronology and eruption history
Ancient DNA shows high faunal diversity in the Lesser Caucasus during the Late Pleistocene
Reports on establishing an ex situ site for ‘beautiful’ vavilovia (Vavilovia formosa) in Armenia