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Yuri Zhukov Ofer Bar-Yosef Theresa Stichick Betancourt Nathaniel L. Erb-Satullo Christina Warinner

Roads and the diffusion of insurgent violence: The logistics of conflict in Russia's North Caucasus
The implications of the Middle-Upper Paleolithic chronological boundary in the Caucasus to Eurasian prehistory
Dzudzuana: an Upper Palaeolithic cave site in the Caucasus foothills (Georgia)
Erratum to Dating the demise: Neandertal extinction and the establishment of modern humans in the southern Caucasus
Stressors, Supports and the Social Ecology of Displacement: Psychosocial Dimensions of an Emergency Education Program for Chechen Adolescents Displaced in Ingushetia, Russia
Copper Production Landscapes of the South Caucasus
Direct Evidence for the Co-Manufacturing of Early Iron and Copper-alloy Artifacts in the Caucasus
The metal behind the myths: iron metallurgy in the south-eastern Black Sea region
Investigating the spatial organisation of Bronze and Iron Age fortress complexes in the South Caucasus
The Ebb and Flow of Copper and Iron Smelting in the South Caucasus
Crucible Technologies in the Late Bronze-Early Iron Age South Caucasus: Copper Processing, Tin Bronze Production, and the Possibility of Local Tin Exploitation
Late Bronze and Early Iron Age copper smelting technologies in the South Caucasus: the view from ancient Colchis c. 1500–600 BC
Patterns of Settlement and Metallurgy in Late Bronze–Early Iron Age Kvemo Kartli, Southern Georgia
Fortified Communities in the South Caucasus: Insights from Mtsvane Gora and Dmanisis Gora
Obsidian Exchange Networks and Highland-Lowland Interaction in the Lesser Caucasus Borderlands
The Role of the Caucasus in the Beginning of Pastoralism in Eurasia