CMF 2023 Objectives

Building on the findings and experiences of the two previous Caucasus Mountain Forums, the members of the Scientific Network for Caucasus Mountain Regions (SNC-mt) Scientific Steering Group will organise the third Caucasus Mountain Forum (CMF) in 2023 and thereby continue to ensure the sustainability of scientific cooperation and exchange, as well as maintain the science-practice interface through regular dialogue.

The Third Caucasus Mountain Forum (CMF3) follows in the footsteps of CMF1 (2016) and CMF 2 (2019) in serving as a crucial opportunity for constructive interaction between scientists, governmental experts, and practitioners; debate on opportunities and challenges; and contributions to the improved coordination of sustainable development in the Caucasus region.

The third Caucasus Mountain Forum will be organised on July 4-6 2023 in Kutaisi, Georgia under the title: “Transdisciplinarity for Sustainable Tourism Development: Role of Caucasus Scientists”.

While the focus will be on tourism, CMF3 will also discuss the other chapters of the Caucasus Regional Research Agenda (C-RRA):

  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity
  • Forest Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Land Use (including Pasture Management)
  • Natural Hazards
  • Population and Cultural Diversity
  • Socio-economic Development and Planning
  • Mountain Cryosphere

The specific objectives of the third Caucasus Mountain Forum (CMF3) are to:

  • Present the scientific findings and practitioner experiences generated since CMF2
  • Enhance the links between research, policymaking, and practice in the field of sustainable mountain development
  • Draw the attention of Caucasus countries’ practitioners to the needs and priorities in research and development for a sustainable future in the Caucasus
  • Showcase the latest scientifically-informed activities fostering progress towards sustainability in the Caucasus mountain region
  • Review the progress of C-RRA implementation
  • Review and facilitate regional research and promote sub-regional, regional, and international cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and know-how among concerned scientific groups working for sustainable mountain development.