Caucasus Mountain Forum

The Caucasus Mountain Forum (CMF) is one of SNC-mt's flagship initiatives. The concrete and timely regional context of the Caucasus provides a major motivation for organizing biannual regional forums for different stakeholders working on the Caucasus mountain region. The forums serve as an important opportunity for scientists and academics, governmental experts, and practitioners to meet, exchange views on opportunities and challenges, and thereby seek to enhance (sub)-regional dialogue and contribute to the better coordination of sustainable development in the Caucasus region.

Sustainable mountain development (SMD) is understood to: relate to a wide spectrum of sectoral topics; require the mobilization and linking of diverse scientific disciplines; concern actors from the public, private, and non-governmental spheres; have implications for intergenerational equity and justice; and crucially benefit from the involvement of practitioners and decision makers from local to global levels.

The objectives of the Caucasus Mountain Forums are:

  • to share the latest scientific findings on SMD in the Caucasus

  • to link research, policy-making and practice in the field of SMD;

  • to showcase scientifically informed, practical actions leading towards sustainability in the Caucasus mountain region;

  • to provide a forum for promoting a joint regional mountain agenda;

  • to increase the visibility of the Caucasus region