The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

Organization American University of Armenia

Leader: Mané Beglaryan

Teaching Language: Armenian

Country: Armenia




The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program is an extensive format of 24-36 consecutive months for working professionals who wish to advance their careers while pursuing an MBA. Classes are scheduled twice a week in fall and spring semesters and 2-3 times a week in summer semesters, Saturdays included. The MBA program is composed of 52 credit units. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for competitive challenges of the global marketplace, technological and communication paradigm shifts, and the flexibility to adapt to rapid and abrupt changes in the business environment. The program also takes into consideration the unique economic conditions, the social mores, and the cultural needs of Armenia and the region.

Our MBA provides rigorous studies in business for those who wish to maximize their personal effectiveness and advance their careers, regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds. Students with educational backgrounds in business management, information technologies, economics or finance benefit from the program as much as humanities and social science graduates, seeking managerial competencies or career change opportunities.

In the first year students are required to take a set of core courses that provide systematic knowledge about the fundamental functions of business and management including finance, marketing, accounting and operations.

Second and third year courses focus on subjects and competencies required for exercising high-level managerial responsibility. The curriculum emphasizes critical and creative thinking, effective leadership, analytical and implementation skills. During this phase students will have an opportunity to take elective courses in various advanced business disciplines that will enable to build a customized learning experience in line with career goals and aspirations. Some students may wish to declare a formal concentration in marketing, business analytics or finance/accounting. Others prefer to design a program that advances their own particular objectives.