Ecology (ME)

Organization Ilia State University

Leader: David Tarkhnishvili

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia


Participants Otar Abdaladze , Natia Kopaliani Zurab Gurielidze , Alexander Gavashelishvili Levan Mumladze Bella Japoshvili


Our Master Studies in Ecology (ME) aim to equip students with deep knowledge of modern ecological concepts, and the present state of ecological science. They focus on important issues and problems and their solutions and on the study of ecological and evolutionary science using mathematical, computer and molecular-genetic methods, on how to formulate scientific research questions and plan experiments. Additionally, the program strives to provide students with systematic knowledge of flora and fauna of the Caucasus and the world. Students will learn methods of protected area planning, species conservation and sustainable land use. After their first semester, students will choose one out of four specializations: Plant Ecology, Animal Ecology (marine mammals or terrestrial mammals), Quantitative Ecology or Evolutionary Ecology in which they are expected to develop their thesis work.

From the end of the 1st semester, students will be getting prepared to develop their Master thesis in their selected field of specialization, for which they are expected to carry out field or laboratory studies from the 2nd semester onwards.

Graduates can pursue their career in: governmental and non-governmental organizations working on protection and rational utilization of natural resources – national parks, forestry, fishing and hunting management, state agencies, national and international environmental protection organizations, as experts in ecology in national and international companies and firms, institutions working on animal and plant conservation – zoos, botanical gardens, scientific institutions – universities, research institutes and labs and in case of particular success, continue their education at PhD level in Georgia or abroad.

Applicants for ME studies should be able to follow lectures given in English language, as this will occur whenever foreign lecturers and students are participating in this program.