Earth Sciences (Geography and GIS Technologies, Geology and Geophysics)

Organization Ilia State University

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia


Participants Tea Godoladze Zurab Javakhishvili


The program aims to:

Give students an insight into the Earth sciences with the educational directions of geography, geology and geophysics, as well as teach them the fundamental concepts of these sciences, introduce them to the interrelations between the mentioned educational directions and a wide spectrum of their application, as well as help them get to know modern theories, research methods and technologies.

Teaching Methodology:

Lectures, workshops, independent works, colloquiums, presentations, group works, laboratory works, field practices. 

Employment opportunities

→Geography and GIS technologies: scientific, consulting and public institutions, non-governmental organizations specializing in geographic research or environmental and ecological monitoring, hydrology, cartography, GIS technologies and other fields.

Geology: field-related state or scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations, private or international companies the activities of which are connected to the research of all kinds of raw materials, their extraction and utilization, as well as other kinds of geologic activities, such as hydrogeology, geologic monitoring, etc., and in the public sector related to environmental protection activities and use of natural resources, such as the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as different consulting companies specializing in environmental audit, natural resources management, etc. 

→Geophysics: any local, international or public organizations the activities of which are connected to the research and excavation of oil, gas and other kinds of raw material, as well as hydrogeology, archeology, all types of constructions, etc.